Summer Casual.

summer outftit


Here is just a cute summer casual outfit that I thought would work for just about anyones budget. Pretty simple and people won’t know/care whether any of your pieces are name brand or not… ok, except for the Michael Kors bag, but you could always find one just as cute like the one you see here from Aldo Handbags. Give this outfit a try and have fun with it! I love the gold jewelry with it or even coral or mint color accessories! Share some of your ideas!






Ok, I understand this may not be for everyone, but I am really excited to try this out! It’s different, its’s edgy, but all and all it is still really chic. To matte or not to matte? Let me know your thoughts? 

Sweet Sweet Dreams…



I absolutely love the color combos in this bedroom, with the wall, counter space, and comforters. It has such a rich and majestic feel to it but yet a very contemporary look. Another thing that this room has inspired me to do is use the power of mirrors to open up the room and make it look like you have a much larger space. It is also a great way to add an edgy modern twist to a room. BUT… my absolute favorite thing about this room, and a must have in my future master bedroom, is the brilliant and elegant chandelier! So breathe-taking!!!

Highlight & Contour



These two products have entirely changed the structure of my face and the quality of my make-up application. Now every time I look at old photos of me with make-up, it just makes me sad and disappointed I never knew about this technique before. A lot of people may tell you need expensive products to create contour effects, but if you are creative enough with a little trial and error, there are cheaper products out there that can do the same tricks. My favorite discovery is the Almay Wake Up Undereye Concealer. After I apply My foundation and translucent powder, I squeeze out a little bit directly under my bottom eyelashes and start of my cheek bone. I then use a different foundation brush to gently pat and smooth the concealer until it blends nicely with the foundation. This will really help with puffiness and dark circles and give you the “wake up” look. Nights that I am going out or will be spending time outdoors I use the High Beam by Benefit, along the same lines (less amount than the concealer) to add a little shimmer. The High Beam is what will really help create that dewy/glow effect and highlight under the eyes, especially when the light hits it. This is great for summertime! I than just finish off with my bronzer and/or blush, blend it altogether and there is my radiant glowing look! Definitely give it a try… You will be surprised at what it can do! 

#1 Foundation … (personally)


I have been using this foundation for over 2 years and I am not going back to anything else. I first heard about this foundation was watching a make-up tutorial with Mario Dedivanovic when he used it on Kim Kardashian. It is a little pricey but well worth it! It helps give you a full coverage, hiding all your blemishes, without making it look like you caked your face. I purchase mine at Sephora, there are just too many colors to simply match yourself up over the internet. Definitely give it a shot. Ask for samples if you don’t want to drop the cash. 

Feeling Hot..Hot..HOT!



I think both of these are such classic and sexy swimsuit pieces. You truly can never go wrong with black. One of my favorite accessory buys this summer will be a fabulous hat to compliment my suits as well as give that whole 1960’s pin-up girl look by the pool or something you would see from an old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover. Another great reason to add this hat to your purchase list would be to block the sun rays! Ladies… protecting your face is key to making you stay and look younger! Make up can always make your face to body! 😉

Shorts on Shorts on Shorts!


I am going to be obsessed this summer with the high-waisted shorts! Bringing back the 80’s retro style is always fun. One thing that I love about these shorts is that you can play it up with the torn/shredded denim, but also use a nice cotton or nylon material to keep it classy and tasteful! Plus, it’s a great way to show off your tan legs and give the effect to make them look longer!